The Saddest Part of My Soul is Released

The Great Outdoors are where, “the saddest part of my soul is released”, says my 10year


old son Johannes. In reading the saddest stories on the news today, I can only think about the one statement, however profoundly connected you are to it.

The saddest part of my soul is released.

Regardless of how proud of my little guy to make such an honest and deeply connect affirmation, it is something that is near and dear to my every breathing moment. I see veterans returning from combat find a chance to breathe again. Severe PTSD and traumatic brain injury be able to find direction again. I’ve seen those who have dug a hole and withdrew from life, pushing away everyone. After a few times out with us, they begin to feel worthy of relationships and ways to find value in their surrounding community.  They begin to thrive, one foot step and breath at a time.
The Mountains will speak to you
In therapeutic recreation, we are in the business of allowing people to listen for the spoken words that echo and resonate, from the mouths of the mountains and the great outdoors. We start off challenging the participants to understand that the mountains will speak to them. We do not offer the interpretation that we personally have taken away from our many years of listening to the winds carry strong messages.
What do the outdoors say to you? Do you recreate and feel as confident as a fish and soar as freely as a bird? Do you have a Red Rock?
I know many people are burdened with a great deal of stress and sorrow that can use that one thing to release them and breathe in the fresh air and listen for the magical words that crash through their ears like a villages bell on sunday mornings.
The sounds are fresh, life shifting and much needed.
Get out with your families, friends and allow dirt to find its way into your soles and to touch your soul.
Johannes says it’s okay and safe to be an adventurer and explore your parks near you.
Check out what a 10 Year wrote on Sierra Clubs Blog. We dare you to step outside and bring those who you love with you and find your release button.

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