Erie Kids Fun Run Challenge- A new approach to accessibility in running races


With the completion of the trails at Sunset West in Erie, we now have a home to those wishing to truly find a way to move in every way, with our friends and family.  

Too often races and clinics are too expensive or beyond a potential participants feeling of belonging, which can be restrictive to many people. 

Our goal is to provide access to everyone, regardless of fitness, income levels or experience. It’s less of a race and more of a challenge to you to challenge yourself. To challenge your peers and family to meet their goals that they post before the start of the run/walk. 

Our crowd will help give you the push necessary to get you to that finish line and celebrate meeting your stated goal. 

We have a strong partnership with the focus on inclusivity and healthy moving in running, walking and biking for all. We are still assembling our team to create a community of health and wellness in East Boulder County and the Front Range of Colorado. 

You will find seasoned running athletes pushing their limits, past or current Olympians leading blind runners, kids pushing kids in strollers who may not be able to run and parents celebrating their first ‘competition’ ever. It’s all about an event for everyone. 

Please help us grow the word and RSVP and share our page for the Erie Kids Fun Run Challenge. 

This event is the culminating race of a 3 race series, designed as a way for the Lafayette and BVSD Kids running clubs to come together and celebrate personal growth and new friendships, through running and fitness. 

Please RSVP and Share us with your friends




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