Move|More|Better- Running Club is learning to Soar

Learning to Float… Can you Fly?

Another great run-club night under our belt. What a great partnership within the community we’ve been able to establish. Jax Outdoors Gear, Newton Running Company, Achilles and Sportainability are hoping to change the way people respond when they hear the word RUNNING.

As a long time coach and mentor, I always utilize many different techniques and science behind what is the best way to run and move. The same ideals of instruction are applied to climbing, paddling, skiing and anything else that we get people moving within.      The tool-belt!

A diverse ‘tool belt’ filled with many great ways and ideal of how to find that one thing which may make a


To Move Better.. One must ‘Drill’ Better

positive impact for each and every participant that we come across. There are many ways to do things and not one way is ideal for any one person, outside of staying happy, healthy and un-injured. I am not a person that will say you need a certain shoe or other device to make you a efficient runner or mover. It is solely up to the user to learn to be their most efficient mover, not the orthotic or shoe. I do personally believe in what Newton Running and their school of running science has done for complementing out feet and gliding skeletons, when we move. I also love my sexy looking training partner that lace to my feet. It takes hours of repetitious effort and a self reminder of you’re doing this for YOU.

Most are scared of running, because preconceived notions that running forces you to run yourself into the ground, running hurts and no way I want to work that hard to feel that icky. No-No-No!!!!
Come out with us and learn to move and feel better under your skin and above your chin.
We hope to have a hundred people as part of our weekly run club,because of our passion of getting people moving regularly and within a group of positive and developing people, learning to soar.

I always say to my clients and friends, who don’t understand running, the Move|MoreBetter way.

” Running is just a happy, efficient vehicle to explore the world. It’s a window into

photo 4the fascination of YOU and how you can grow and feel with each and every step. It’s not a race.

It’s an exploration of patience and gravity. How light can you be? How effortless can you float and can that floating become soaring in time?

A fascination for the process of running.. that process may take you to a

5, 10, 50K.. Or it may just float you back to the office or home feeling a little less heavy.

Learn to move, move more often and feel better through YOUR exploration. It’s not running… you’re learning to soar.”


Yeah… new runners can become pain free, non-frustrated movers. It’s not about the shoes…. but if they want to soar a little happier, with fewer thorns and rock jabs… the best wings for the feet are Newton. They also remind you when you get lazy and fall back into a gelatinous skeleton. They’re your friend and training partner. The best palette for the soul/sole are the colors of Newton. Yeah… That Newton-Newton isn’t just about apples and trees…. but a necessary pod to take you into a beautiful orbit!

Come Move and smile with us!

In an attempt to prepare for group sizes, please RSVP to any of our running nights. We can have as many as 100 at any given night, with multiple blind, amputee and developmentally disabled runners. We can always use guides and people to join the front groups that can average 6 minute miles. There’s a group for every running pace and for those walking as well.

Monday Washington Park- 6:00

Thursday’s Jax Outdoors, Lafayette- 6:00


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