Disabled… Not a Fan of This Classification or Designator


The word or label, “disabled”… I truly feel its a mindset, which creates a series of self limiting beliefs. The label    ‘disabled’ is a mindset which often is a disabler of forward motion; I feel is a reason for societal shift toward unaware and disconnected. 
Those with physical, emotional or cognitive challenges better describes everything better. We CHOOSE to confront a challenge or a series of challenges, once we identify tools or resources to topple or go around that adversity. Challenge is not a mindset…. It’s life. Challenge is not unhealthy. Challenge is community wide- once understood and identified that everyone in a community has some sort of challenge in their life, it’s just another day. Another day of everyone having no excuse other than being accountable to themselves and their community to do their part….. Choosing life. Choosing life because it’s introduced and reinforced by their communities to find thriving again. No longer a victim whose survived by their disability… But rather a survivor whose challenge has shifted to thrive just through choosing to shift a mindset that’s inclusive. The basic human resources which often go underused or even unidentified. Love, laughter, curiosity, passion, compassion, play, restful sleep and touch are things that we’re born with. Community around us often introduce hatred through judgement, fear, resistance, sadness and withdrawal, to name a few. 
What if communities created a culture of oneness, of inclusivity and about awareness. Everyone becomes aware and accountable for their part then…… We become the culture keepers because thriving is all around us, without judgement. 
Sure there are exceptions to those rules with extremes…. BUT is not widespread ignorance because fear and failure is not an option, when choosing through accountable action is the norm. 
Imagine What If, was the curiosity brand of every community in No Barriers ways of life. Imagine how fewer challenges communities would have of everyone chose to be more aware and inclusive. 
Challenges that are physical or cognitive will be shattered. The whole will improve because the culture is not judgemental and is inclusive allowing for healing to occur. Trauma will be forgiven, but not forgotten, allowing growth at all levels. 
What if …What If ????


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