Move Free…Move Happy…Move for Life


Too often today, we come across so many people that have forgotten or never have learned how to move.

People move continuously without knowing motion free of pain, stress or without a smile while engaging in a human powered activity. A grimace, a scowl or sheer frustration is not something that tends to result in a return to that activity and certainly not a sustainable lifestyle.

Through laughter and a fascination of pressure wins and a safe challenge, that is what allows us as human beings to thrive. With laughter comes curiosity, growth, and a desire to keep feeling lighter. Out goes stress and anxiety as we’re starting engage in meeting our real selves again. What does your smile look like? What does the rest of your body do? Do your eyes squint because your cheeks push them together? Your shoulders and neck relax ? Do your ears move ?

It’s ok to put away your hardened side and admire yourself for how amazing your smile is.

Now imagine if you can run without pain because you’ve learned to skip again. Imagine that even elite level athletes don’t know how to skip. Often those athletes have had chronic knee pain, shin splints or achilles pain. They use more to get less over time.
New runners often don’t find injuries and frustration when out with is because they have yet to acquire the bad habits, other than weaker foot muscles, in how they move with the new motion.

Sportainability is honored to help the community, through our partnerships with Jax in Lafayette and Newton Running to help people inspire themselves and each other to say Hello Better Moving.

We are hosting a series of talks, clinics, group runs and races that introduce people to new ways to move, doing it more often and in a way that’s much better for the body with a great new group of teammates all learning to thrive with their new smiles.

Walk|Hike|Run|Bike with us!


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