A Community in Peril…Living…Serving….Thriving

Friends- It’s been a day.

1236327_10151879231661399_704838610_nConfusing, enlightening, gratifying, at times terrifying, exhausting, laughter filled, tears and sweat. To see the look of surprise and relief of someone stranded see hope for life after they worry about not seeing another day. To witness the celebration of a person reunited with their pet. To see someone wish you away because they are staying with their possessions and home. to see fools dive into a raging tree and cable choked creek with merely a tube for a laugh. To watch hundreds of first responders and National Guard at your side for one purpose- compassion and to aid another human being and give them peace.

The realization that the storms not over and there are hundreds missing, people losing life and thousand displaced, roads and infrastructure that will take months and maybe years to rebuild-That’s Scary!

I’m blessed with a set of physical skills and resources to aid people fearing losing their life and to be able to put 1184864_10151877155766399_1901350180_ntogetherways to help build resources. It was a physically and emotionally exhausting day. I’m waiting for additional calls as a level two responder when we are needed and the water when we are needed and the water truly begins to recede and the hardest work begins. Until then… I want to include those of you in our mission for bringing communities together and to help provide some relief and a smile to those that may have just lost everything.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping serve those displaced and stuck in a shelter this weekend. We have a wonderful partnership beginning with FEMA and Salvation Army. They are asking us to put together a team to serve food, blankets and provide comforts that they have lost. A smile goes a long way with that extended arm for a stranger… your neighbor… a fellow human being.

We have not received the specifics for duty yet and location. Training will be tomorrow most likely in the early am.76089_10151877155831399_1904924858_n

Limited spots…Please email me if you want to join. Please provide basic info of address, name and contact info. What a day!



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