Pardon the Web and Blogging Gap…We’ve Been ‘In the Field’…

As a start-up non profit, all of our work has gone into business plan, board, partner and program development. Website updates are not our strength at this time, and for that, I apologize. We have been running fun and

markrewarding programs that very few have known about due to the lack of our ability to market. But we now have a new website that Chelsea and I designed. YaY!

While we are creating some amazing partnerships, we’ve been consistently getting gear that has been donated or purchased from the support of cash donations of our amazing supporters. We can now support a large group of participants on water and rock. Paddles, lifejackets, helmets, paddle boards, trailer, wetsuits and lots of rock climbing gear. Although we still desperately need more tools to teach and better transport our participants.


One of our great partners that we’ve formed programmatic MOU’s with has written a testimonial. You may wonder our value in the community since we’ve not had funds to spend on marketing in this phase of start-up, but the many organizations in Boulder County and surrounding areas have found a tremendous value thus far.

We are about collaboration and programming. Help us continue to grow  our opportunities and value for 2013 in the community. We desperately  are in need of tax deductible donations- volunteer labor, gear and finances.

One such organization that has found significant value with our programming is the YMCA of Boulder Valley.  Below is a brief testimonial with this value:

kids day 1

“Sportainability is a visionary. In a society where less and less importance is placed on community, Sportainability is reversing that trend. Through programs, collaborations and events, Sportainability is showing that we can still work together, for each other. By putting the focus back on people, I have seen Sportainability do amazing things for people in our community, who would otherwise not have opportunity.

A program as simple as SUP’ing for ALL (adaptive and standard recreation seekers) has given everyone in that class at the Y hope. Now, that they have conquered some fears or longstanding goals, they can now take that hope into our community to do more, be more, live more. That is why we work with Sportainability-to build a stronger community.”

Jackson Dreiling, YMCA of Boulder Valley


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