What’s Your Excuse- Biting Off the Pain

In less than a week I head off to guide, yet again, far from big city life. We just returned from our Central American warm-up expedition on the Usamacinta Rio along the shores of Guatemala and Mexico. Deep echoes with dinosaur like roars bellowing from Howler Monkeys in the thick canopy and thousand foot walls where the river began to rage.
Now we venture off for two weeks down the 225 mile Grand Canyon Expedition. A blind guy navigating his own kayak down the Grand Canyon- WHAT ? Yep!

Events are getting into the calendar daily, great leadership talks arranged and new designs for ‘adaptive life being created. Thanks to the amazing minds that surround me for coming to help support the vision and mission.

2013, you’re rocking my world!

Ain’t no room for complainin’- internet and Facebook land. Life is how you choose to dance and share smiles within it. A little bob… a small duck and lot’s of weaving.

Sure the ankle twists and you come crashing down once in a while. Bloodied and Bent. That hurts. A blink later the dancing can begin again. The tears can shift to sweat. No need to hide…. I’ve learned that it’s okay to acknowledge the pain. I’ve also learned to accept that choosing to move forward and make new footprints makes the heart beat and lungs fill again. It’s all about choosing the tune to dance to. Bank may be empty, wars may be happening… but heart is full. That’s all that matters, to me anyway.

I challenge you to share your dance and invite others who are outside your current ballroom to share that tune.

Life is grand with an amazing team of co-workers and a job that I’ve created for myself…travels to the little known places and family that I crave to be with non-stop. Love is grand!


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