Finding Your Breathing- What Meditation Can Be

465594_10150828480410796_33767271_oOf the hundreds I may work beside that ‘bumble’ along daily with a Traumatic Brain Injury, trying to find ways to cope or identifying ways to meditate while finding calm in the big unknown new world.

We are most often challenged at figuring out what meditation is directly by the means of a norm for meditation classes, often prescribed by healthcare providers or outside support. We often don’t even give it a try as there is deep confusion or frustration, resulting in an ‘amped’ or negative energy when forcing meditation in a rom with instructors or others in the group.

I promote finding breath, identifying ‘center’  and calm in a comfortable surrounding outside thats easily repeated and portable when the walls feel like they’re closing in.

My meditation thought last week, which may better allow you to identify how to find your breath, find a calming and familiar sound and finding YOU.


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